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"Keypad Watch Is Ridiculously Awesome, Awesomely Ridiculous" "A watch that not only shows off your geek cred, but also looks at home in an office and does away with the typical watch face design? If something totally crazy is something that would float your boat, consider the very quirky Keypad Watch. The only thing watch-like about the Keypad Watch is the strap. From there, it gets completely crazy and impratical--but in such a cool way. The actual watch face is made up of the keys you would expect to find on a calculator or the keypad on a PC's keyboard, each fitted with little lights. Pressing the keypad makes the lights blink in a sequence to inform you of the time (for example, it'll flash 0-7-3-0 if it's 7:30), but you'd have to keep a close eye to make sure you're getting it right! These retro-styled watches can display the time using both the 24-hour system or 12-hour system, show today's date (by pressing the hash), and come in a variety of key colors. This individuality comes at a price: Still, you can't deny that this watch is so daft that it's awesome."


"Watchismo's badass new multicolored Keypad watches are the followup to the equally badass (and be-dipswitched) Click Watches. Animated blinkenlights on each of the chunky keypad buttons tell the time in a fashion that is delightfully impractical."


"The only thing keypads are used for these days are quick calculations, so you'd expect this Keypad watch to double as a tiny calculator. But it doesn't. While the buttons work, all it does is tell time and look awesomely retro. The watch lacks a display, but telling time isn't as obfuscated as with other design-minded timepieces. The numerical buttons simply light up in sequence when pressed. So if you see 1-2-3-4, then it's 12:34—pretty damn simple. Pressing the # button will instead indicate the current date, and as far as I'm concerned, the clever packaging which incorporates the keypad into a full keyboard graphic is worth the price of admission alone."


"The Keypad watch looks like the number pad on any computer keyboard, and you press (almost) any one of those keys to ask the time. The watch then blinks lights embedded in the keys, one by one, to tell you the hour. Thus a zero, then a nine, a one and a five means 09:15. Easy enough, if a little time consuming." "The Keypad watch comes in a variety of computer-drab colors, from cheap PC beige thru gamer black to a horrible 1980s gray (my favorite). Better still, they come at a price you could reasonably badger your spouse into paying to buy you the perfect Christmas gift."


"We do like a good indecipherable timepiece 'round these parts and Click's KeyPad certainly fits the bill. Resembling an old-school mechanical numerical keypad, each button packs an LED -- press any number and it'll blink out the time in single digits, so if it was 9:15am, the zero, nine, one and five buttons would flash in sequence. Push the hash key and the watch will oblige you for today's date. If you enjoy frustrating colleagues who ask you for the time, then you'll be delighted to hear that it is shipping now. However, we're not sure we could pull one off -- maybe the hipster down the street will have better success."


"If you like the idea of carrying a keypad around with you on your wrist, you might want to check out the Click Keypard LED Watch from Watchismo. This unique watch doesn't have a display, but tells you the time."


"Numeric keypads have had a rough decade — the proliferation of laptop keyboards has all but turned the 18-key marvel into a dinosaur. Sure, there are those of us who rely on its number-punching skills to fill out Excel spreadsheets, but for your day-to-day computer user, it's just a thing of the past. If you've been missing the old number pad, Click has just what you're looking for: an absolutely massive numpad-inspired watch."



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